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With an impressive videographer portfolio, you will demonstrate to clients that you are competent, flexible, and committed to your art. Learn how to build a portfolio in just a few simple steps. Unlike other professions, a CV and a few references will not get you a position as a videographer. Clients want to see your work, and they're unlikely to hire a videographer who has nothing to show for it. This is why a video portfolio is important for any aspiring videographer director of photography. It's an online repository for your previous work, as well as a way to inform clients about who you are and what you have to give as an artist. Continue reading to learn how to build an impressive video portfolio. After that, you can look through our gallery of online portfolio website design examples for ideas for your own videographer website! When it comes down to it, there is no better way to demonstrate your value as a filmmaker than to show off your best work. It's a place to showcase your abilities as a cinematographer, editor, or director, as well as a way to build your brand. And a videographer website provides you with a highly persononal, customizable, and easily accessible portfolio site that any client can access at any time and from any location - even while you are on a assignment on a video production.

Why Build a Videography Portfolio if ther is Vimeo & YouTube ?

When it comes down to it, there is no better way to demonstrate your value as a filmmaker than to show off your best work. It's a place to showcase your abilities as a cinematographer, editor, or director, as well as a way to build your brand. And a videographer website provides you with a highly personal, customizable, and easily accessible portfolio site that any client can access at any time and from any location - even while you are on a assignment on a video production.
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It's serious Business

Although hosting your videos on sites like YouTube or Vimeo or Vimeo Pro is easy, making your own website is much more professional and unique. It communicates to clients that you are a serious artist who is committed to your craft.

Customizable, quick to upgrade & edit.

With a website builder like Vsble, you can choose from many unique web design templates to find the one that best represents your brand, create custom pages and video gallery series for various types of videos, and customize the order and placement of all your content. You also get a "portfolio on the go" as you can create galleries and edit your videowebsite on your tablet.

Professional presence

It serves as a one-stop shop for your clients. A video portfolio website is much more than just a showcase for your best work. You can also discuss your previous experience and artistic theory, speak about your creative process, show awards and accolades, discuss pricing, and share your contact details on videographer websites—and with Vsble, you can also host an online shop

How to Build a Video Portfolio as an Asset

Do you want to build a video portfolio but don't know where to begin? Here are four simple steps you can take to get started.
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Photograph Your Friends and Family

You can't build a portfolio unless you put in the effort. Every creative professional started small. Reach out to friends and family members who can need video services and give your services at a reduced rate. If you want to make a name for yourself as a wedding videographer, approach friends and family who are getting married soon and offer to do their wedding videos as a wedding present. If you want to be a commercial manager, make friends with small businesses and collaborate on social media projects.

Don't Put Yourself in a Box

When you're new to the media business, being a jack of all trades comes in handy because you'll frequently have to adapt to consumer dynamics and clients' needs. As a result, it's important that you don't restrict yourself when it comes to the type of work you want to do when designing your folio. Experiment with everything, from music videos to commercial and photo work to YouTube content development. If you haven't found your calling as a filmmaker yet, this might be a perfect exercise to help you figure it out. Work also no your photography portfolio, as it helps you learn framing.

Have Your Work Organized

If you've collected enough material to create a website, you must ensure that you coordinate your work. This assists you in establishing your brand in a specific niche, providing customers with a clear picture of what you can do for them. If you don't want to restrict yourself to a single niche or genre, for example, you can organize your website into separate pages for different styles of work. Vsble allows you to create different galleries and custom pages that can be organized by customer, genre, or work completed.

Create  A Demo Reel

A demo reel is similar to a portfolio video in that it is a video compilation of the best work condensed into one to three minutes. Demo reels usually showcase the best work in a particular category, so if you're a cinematographer and an editor, you'll have two different reels for both. A demo reel, which should be revised on a yearly basis, should also showcase your new work. Why do you need a demo reel when you have a website where you can showcase all of your videos? Since certain clients do not have the time or stamina to watch every video on your website. You can give potential clients a taste of what you have to offer in three minutes by showing a highlight reel on your homepage! Creative agencies love that too.

How a Videography Portfolio Will Help You Increase Your Online Visibility  ?

Embed Unlimited Videos

You can embed unlimited videos on your videography portfolio website from popular sources like Vimeo & YouTube. Vsble allows you also to use video landing pages, where you can stream your demo reel in autoplay & loop mode.

Video Descriptions

You might have content that you want to be accessed only by certain clients upon request. For example if you re lingerie model you can create password protected sections, that only clients with the password can access. Otherwise they can request the access, and you grant it if you want to.

VIP Access

You might have video content that you want only to be seen by certain clients or people above certain age. With Vsble you can protected pages with a dedicated password. Anybody who wants to get access to the part of your website, must contact you for the password.

Custom GIF & Image Placeholders

You can select custom video placehodlers and are not lmited to what the link source provides as preview. You videographer portfolio website gets a more unified, branded and creative look. Vsble portfolio builder supports GIf & JPG. However you afree to choose the default video preview if you prefer that.


Vsble PRO comes with integrated, gdpr ready visitor statistics. You can track data such as, where the visitors come from, what is the most clicked album or page, and what are the referring websites. This data helps you to find how to improve your portfolio website and target eventually your advertising in the countries that you are popular in. Its like having a marketing agency integrated in your videographer portfolio website.

Free SSL Certificate & SEO

Vsble allowing you to optimize everything from your website title, keywords and descriptions so a potential client can find you better on the web. Vsble provides you with a free SSL for higher search engine rankings as well.

How to Build a Videography Portfolio?

Aside from the above benefits, one of the primary advantages of maintaining a videography website is increased internet exposure – particularly if you are familiar with search engine optimization (SEO). This isn't limited to video content creators. A portfolio website will improve your online exposure tenfold if you photographer, filmmaker, videographer or designer. Creating a videography portfolio site on Vsble is as easy as five basic steps:
1. Sign Up & Select A Design

Choose from one of our free design templates. Our designs are perfect for viewing on the go because they are optimized for all devices and platforms. Vsble has hundreds of responsive templates that allow you to insert YouTube and Vimeo videos directly into your website. You can also alter your design at any time!

2. Embed your videos - Unlimited!

This is where you choose which projects to feature on your website. Create galleries and personalized pages to keep things tidy and ordered, and add descriptions to give clients a glimpse into your creative process

3. Personalize your portfolio

Vsble allows you to customize your web navigation and add pages such as an About section to create an easy-to-use and navigate site.

4. Customize & Brand Your Website

Change the fonts, background colors, headers, logos, and other elements. You'll want to create a website that looks fresh and exclusive to you, and Vsble will help you do just that.

5. Let's take it a step further!

You customize your site for better search engine results, and incorporate your social media accounts into your website

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1. Create a free account here.

2. Select a template.

3. Make your website your own by adding text, images, video and contact forms.

4. Customize your website’s design with custom fonts & colors.

5. Customize your free domain.

6. Fill out SEO information for search engines.

7. Optional: Start selling by adding a store

8. Ready!

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Is Vsble right for me?

Everyone's website requirements are different, so the only way to find out if Vsble is perfect for you is to give it a try. If however you want a website that is very easy to create and manage, and you want your website to look beautiful and have full SSL protection plus GDPR compliance, you should try Vsble.

We offer a forever-free account with limited functions and a free 14-day trial for Vsble PRO/MAX so you can get a feel for our platform, start constructing a site, and determine if Vsble is right for you.

You can upgrade anytime from a free account to Vsble PRO/MAX, and downgrade to Vsble FREE during your 14-day trial period.

If you're still not sure or if you need more time you can extend the trial or downgrade to a free account, and upgrade anytime later when you feel you need more features.

What does Vsble include? 

Vsble is an all-in-one content management system (CMS).

You may establish a website, host your content, connect your own custom domain name, sell things, track your site's analytics, and much more with just one subscription.

Create pages and arrange your site using any template, then tweak it to reflect your personal style.

Visit our feature directory for a complete list of features, and the Help Center for tips on all the features Vsble has to offer.

Can I customize the templates?

Yes absolutely! You can change colors, fonts & navigation elements and upload your logo and favicon. You have unlimited possibilities to customize the templates. New templates are constantly being added to our selection.

Is it easy to edit the my website?

Yes! If you can compose an email, you can edit your Vsble website. Vsble is one of the most simplest website builders around. You can upload images, change the appearance or embed videos with simple drag & drop controls. All from one dashboard without complicated menus.