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With an impressive videographer portfolio, you will demonstrate to clients that you are competent, flexible, and committed to your art. Learn how to build a portfolio in just a few simple steps. Unlike other professions, a CV and a few references will not get you a position as a photographer. Clients want to see your work, and they're unlikely to hire a photographer who has nothing to show for it. This is why a photogrphy portfolio is important for any aspiring photographer. It's an online repository for your previous work, as well as a way to inform clients about who you are and what you have to give as an artist. Every ambitious professional photographer must have a portfolio website where they can showcase their greatest work. Read on to learn everything about creating a photography portfolio with our simple site builder. It's a place to showcase your abilities as a photographer as a way to build your brand. And a photography portfolio website provides you with a highly persononal, customizable, and easily accessible portfolio site that any client can access at any time and from any location - even while you are on a assignment or traveling.

How to Create a Portfolio Website for Photography

A photography portfolio is a collection of work that demonstrates your photographic style. A portfolio website goes this a step further by allowing photographers to showcase their greatest work to the public and reach potential client. A photography portfolio website is more than just a display for your work; it's also a chance to talk about your background as an artist, describe the inspirations and process behind your work, and even sell prints of your best pieces. A portfolio site has essentially evolved into one-stop shops for artists looking to establish their brand and connect with collaborators and future clients. What, on the other hand, makes a decent portfolio website? Here are three crucial points to keep in mind for any creative professional:
Work that exemplifies your style as a photographer

While variety is advantageous in any creative profession, most photographers focus on a niche early on. This just makes establishing your brand and making yourself more marketable to future clients easier. As a result, your photography website should have images that reflect your brand. It's not just about publishing high-quality photos—whether you're a fashion photographer with a flair for the dramatic or a food photographer who incorporates a lot of fun and quirky into your layouts, your online portfolio website should reflect your story. If you consider yourself to be a jack of all trades, various pages or even websites for distinct styles are a good idea.

Make up a story

Your work should be able to speak for itself, but not all of the time. People are drawn to stories, and the more context you provide for a photograph or a collection, the more interesting it becomes. Discuss how each project came to life, what you did to prepare, and even what mindset you were in when you were conceptualizing it. Don't forget to introduce yourself and your artistic history as well.

Create a professional-looking website.

Photographers are increasingly using social media to showcase their work and communicate with clients. While this is convenient, keep in mind that not everyone has access to social media. Portfolio websites provide you with so much more than an Instagram or Facebook page—think organized galleries, SEO, and even an online store for prints and merchandise!

How to Build a Photography Portfolio

You must first acquire a substantial collection of portfolio-worthy work before you can construct your portfolio website. Here's how to go about it:
Photograph Your Friends and Family

Birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries—prepare ahead of time for planned gatherings with friends and family and offer to cover them for free or at a reduced fee. If you're a budding portrait photographer, offer to snap your friends' pets or headshots. If you want to work as a product or architectural photographer, approach family and friends who own small businesses and offer to help them with their company profiles and marketing materials.

Participate in photography contests and seminars & attend photography classes.

These events aren't just a terrific chance to meet new people and shoot in new places; they're also a great way to meet other photographers, exchange ideas, and network. A workshop is a wonderful method to refresh your knowledge of the technicalities of photography, as well as a terrific approach to work on jobs you probably wouldn't initiate alone, whether you're a commercial, landscape, fine art, real estate, or corporate photographer.

Maintain your organization

Allowing your images to collect virtual dust on your computer is a bad idea being a photographer. Organize all of your files into separate folders after each shoot, marking them by project and date. Select the ones that are suitable for a portfolio and place them in a separate folder to be narrowed down later.

Take pictures of something you enjoy

Shooting what you know and love is the greatest way to establish a portfolio. You will not only enjoy the process of creating your photography portfolio website, but you will also provide visitors with a clear understanding of what you value as an artist.

Tips for Creating a Photography Portfolio Website on the Internet

You now have everything you need to create a website for your photography portfolio.
What are your options now?
Make good selections, still unlimited uploads.

Less is more in this case. Learn to "kill your darlings," as this piece of writing advise suggests. This entails removing work that you may have put a lot of effort into or to which you feel a strong attachment, but which is ultimately unimportant to your website. A client does not have time to go through a huge photo gallery, so limit your selection to 10 to 20 photos that represent all you stand for as a photographer. You can still embed unlimited videos & upload unlmited images on your photograph portfolio website from popular sources like Vimeo & YouTube. Vsble allows you also to use video landing pages, where you can stream your demo reel in autoplay & loop mode.

Show your whole spectrum with Video & GIF

You photographer portfolio website gets a more unified, branded and creative look. Vsble portfolio builder supports GIf & JPG. However you afree to choose the default video preview if you prefer that. Make your online portfolio as diverse as possible. Because you have less room to show off your range with a lean profile, it's critical to choose pieces that are as varied in mood, lighting, aspect, and subject matter as possible. You can select custom video placehodlers and are not lmited to what the link source provides as preview.

Plan your work & protect with VIP Access

Makea plan for your work. When it comes to creating a photography portfolio website, one of the most common mistakes artists make is forgetting the chronology and organization of their work. Photos should be grouped by subject or story, with a cohesive narrative connecting them all. Also, don't forget to submit your best work!
You might have content that you want only to be seen by certain clients or people above certain age. With Vsble you can protected pages with a dedicated password. Anybody who wants to get access to the part of your website, must contact you for the password.

Site builder with PDF selection & pro features

With Vsble you & your clienst can click select downloadable selectons in PDF format for further selections. This helps to avoid screenshot hassle, and establishes you as a professional. Choose a website builder with few bells and whistles. It's fine to post work on social media, but it's not the most professional way to do so. Furthermore, believe it or not, not everyone has access to social media. For a busy photographer, though, website development can eat into time that should be spent on clients and booking sessions. Find a website builder that makes it simple to put create portfolio webpages and edit and tweak the theme or web design later.

Monitor your visitor statistics

Vsble PRO comes with integrated, gdpr ready visitor statistics. You can track data such as, where the visitors come from, what is the most clicked album or page, and what are the referring websites. This data helps you to find how to improve your portfolio website and target eventually your advertising in the countries that you are popular in. Its like having a marketing agency integrated in your videographer portfolio website.

Improve ranking with FREE SSL & SEO

Vsble allowing you to optimize everything from your website title, keywords and descriptions so a potential client can find you better on the web. Vsble provides you with a free SSL for higher search engine rankings as well.

How to Build Your Photography Portfolio Website?

So you're ready to use Vsble to create a photography website . Here's all you need to know about using the websitebuilder to create a photography website:
1. Sign Up & Select A Design

Choose from one of our free design templates. Our designs are perfect for viewing on the go because they are optimized for all devices and platforms. Vsble has hundreds of responsive templates that allow you to insert YouTube and Vimeo videos directly into your website. You can also alter your design at any time!

2. Upload Your Photos

This is where you choose which projects to feature on your website. Create galleries and personalized pages to keep things tidy and ordered, and add descriptions to give clients a glimpse into your creative process

3. Personalize your portfolio website

Vsble allows you to customize your web navigation and add pages such as an About section to create an easy-to-use and navigate site.

4. Customize & Brand Your Website

Change the fonts, background colors, headers, logos, and other elements. You'll want to create a website that looks fresh and exclusive to you, and Vsble will help you do just that.

5. Let's take it a step further!

You customize your site for better search engine results, and incorporate your social media accounts into your website

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Is Vsble right for me?

Everyone's website requirements are different, so the only way to find out if Vsble is perfect for you is to give it a try. If however you want a website that is very easy to create and manage, and you want your website to look beautiful and have full SSL protection plus GDPR compliance, you should try Vsble.

We offer a forever-free account with limited functions and a free 14-day trial for Vsble PRO/MAX so you can get a feel for our platform, start constructing a site, and determine if Vsble is right for you.

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What does Vsble include? 

Vsble is an all-in-one content management system (CMS).

You may establish a website, host your content, connect your own custom domain name, sell things, track your site's analytics, and much more with just one subscription.

Create pages and arrange your site using any template, then tweak it to reflect your personal style.

Visit our feature directory for a complete list of features, and the Help Center for tips on all the features Vsble has to offer.

Can I customize the templates?

Yes absolutely! You can change colors, fonts & navigation elements and upload your logo and favicon. You have unlimited possibilities to customize the templates. New templates are constantly being added to our selection.

Is it easy to edit the my website?

Yes! If you can compose an email, you can edit your Vsble website. Vsble is one of the most simplest website builders around. You can upload images, change the appearance or embed videos with simple drag & drop controls. All from one dashboard without complicated menus.