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Having an online architecture portfolio website is key to securing a job at your dream company or architecture firm. Follow this guide for best practices and unique portfolio website ideas. If you're applying to a firm or working as a freelance architect, you'll need a strong portfolio to demonstrate your value as an architect—and in this day and age, it only makes sense to develop your portfolio online. Although a printed professional portfolio or PDF portfolio is perfect, adding a professional website to your arsenal makes it easier for companies and potential clients to contact you and share your work. We've put together a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know to build an outstanding  online architectureportfolio website. In addition to tips and best practices, you'll find a list of easy and clean web design and architectureportfolio template examples and created with Vsble that you can use as inspiration.

What Do You Have in Your Architecture Portfolio?

Choosing what to showcase on your architecture portfolio website is one of the most difficult aspects of the process. These are the four elements you can never overlook when creating an online portfolio website:
Your Very Best Work

An architect portfolio, it should go without saying, should be a list of your best work. Examine your portfolio and choose eight to ten of your best projects. These works should demonstrate to your potential employer both your architectural abilities and your ability to engage in team efforts, so make sure to highlight projects where you made major contributions. Make an effort to include more recent work in your architectural portfolio. Choose only best selected work as if you would got to a job interview.

Don't Forget the Particulars

Although clients may be fine with 3D renderings and images of the finished house, adding photos of design detailing, hand drawings, and models to your portfolio will increase your chances of winning over architecture firms. Architecturecompanies want someone who is flexible and can contribute to a project in a variety of ways, such as 3D modeling or innovative problem-solving.

Examine Your Background

You can devote an entire page layout to your history details on an online portfolio website. Use this opportunity to write a bio that explains who you are and what you can do as an architect. Discuss your educational history, professional experience, and any related interests, but keep it fun and conversational.Include any honors and accolades you've earned, groups you've been a member of, and any other work-related extracurricular activities. If possible, provide a copy of your resume.

Include Your Contact Information

Since your website serves as your virtual business card, don't forget to include all of your contact details, from your email address to your professional social media accounts. If you have a blog or a YouTube channel where you post renderings or discuss architecture-related topics, feel free to include these as well.

Best Practices for Assets in Online Architecture Portfolios

With the aid of these four tips, you will up your game and set yourself apart from other architects out there:
Background Check

Conduct a background check on your prospective employer. Do as much research as you can on potential companies or customers before submitting your CV and website to them. Learn about the complexity of their work and tailor your portfolio accordingly. For example, if the company you're interested in mainly specializes in landscape architecture, one way to improve your chances is to highlight your best public-space projects.

Less Is Better (mostly)

Less is better in this case. Maintain a basic website with minimal text and design flourishes. You want your work to speak for itself, with nothing else taking visitors' attention away from what's critical. If you add captions to any images, keep them brief and to the point, providing a general overview of each project, the design issue, your proposed solution, and your method.You should consider your portfolio to be a designer's portfolio as well! Clients and companies will get a sense of your personal aesthetic and artistic vision based on how you design your website.

Have Your Work Organized

If you've collected enough material to create a website, you must ensure that you coordinate your work. This assists you in establishing your brand in a specific niche, providing customers with a clear picture of what you can do for them. If you don't want to restrict yourself to a single niche or genre, for example, you can organize your website into separate pages for different styles of work. Vsble allows you to create different galleries and custom pages that can be organized by customer, genre, or work completed.

Are You A Team Player?

Showcase group ventures. As previously said, companies prefer to work with architects who have a collaborative mindset. You want to demonstrate that you are a team player who can contribute in a variety of capacities. However, remember to credit project collaborators, such as real estate agents, and highlight the key areas you contributed to each study.

Keep it up to date.

Sharing an unmaintained website is a fast way to switch off potential clients. Using an out-of-date website with several broken links is both lazy and unprofessional. Be sure to refresh your website at least once a year, if not more often.

Invest in One-of-a-Kind Ideas for Your Online Architecture Portfolio.

Brand Identity

Maintain a personal touch. Unlike a CV, where you must preserve integrity, a website allows you to show off your personality. Put a little of your personality into your website design and writeup, but make sure it doesn't detract from your job. Don't be afraid to include a photograph of yourself in your writeup, just make it a professional one!

Embed Videos

You can embed unlimited videos and showreels to present your work and projects. You can even use custom placeholders for your videos like GIF or JPG to ensure the look & feel of your website is consistent. You can even stream videos to your landing page with specific design templates.

VIP Access

You might want to restrict access to certain pages or projects. Vsble allows you to do that with password protection. Moreover, visitors can request access by filling out a form, which you receive in your inbox.
Like that, you can track who wants to get access and grant it if you decide to do so. Password protection is, for example, very adequate for up-and-coming projects that are not yet published or experimental work you want to show only to certain people.


A personal logo & favicon is another way to personalize your website. Change your header to a logo that reflects your brand as an architect, as seen in a typical graphic design portfolio. Add your custom favicon for the final touch. Your website bookmark will represent your corporate identity.


Vsble PRO comes with integrated, gdpr ready visitor statistics. You can track data such as, where the visitors come from, what is the most clicked album or page, and what are the referring websites. This data helps you to find how to improve your portfolio website and target eventually your advertising in the countries that you are popular in. Its like having a marketing agency integrated in your videographer portfolio website.

Free SSL Certificate, SEO & Open Graph

Vsble allowing you to optimize everything from your website title, keywords and descriptions so a potential client can find you better on the web. Vsble provides you with a free SSL for higher search engine rankings as well.

How to Make an Architecture Portfolio?

Vsble is a website builder that can assist architects in creating a website in as little as 5 basic measures. Here's how Vsble can help you get your website up and running:
1. Sign Up & Select A Design

Sign up for a free account, no need to pay or enter a credit cart. & choose a template. Vsble has a big portfolio template collection from which to choose. Find a design that matches your brand and work style and try it on for scale. Don't worry, you can change the template or layout whenever you want unlike a printed portfolio!

2. Upload Your Work

Upload only best selected work to your digital portfolio. Choose at least ten of your best projects and arrange all of your images in different pages or galleries.

3. Personalize your portfolio

Make changes to your website. Change your site's menu to make it easier for visitors to navigate, and add an About page to help them get to know you a little better. Don't forget to provide your contact details as well!

4. Customize & Brand Your Website

Customize your website. Change the color of your background, choose from a variety of fonts, and include logos, and other information to help your website represent you and your work!

5. Let's take it a step further!

Push it much further. If you need to customize your site to rank higher in search engines, don't forge to fill out the websitedescription and keywords. You can also link to external blog, shop and connect to social media accounts with your website!

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Everyone's website requirements are different, so the only way to find out if Vsble is perfect for you is to give it a try. If however you want a website that is very easy to create and manage, and you want your website to look beautiful and have full SSL protection plus GDPR compliance, you should try Vsble.

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What does Vsble include? 

Vsble is an all-in-one content management system (CMS).

You may establish a website, host your content, connect your own custom domain name, sell things, track your site's analytics, and much more with just one subscription.

Create pages and arrange your site using any template, then tweak it to reflect your personal style.

Visit our feature directory for a complete list of features, and the Help Center for tips on all the features Vsble has to offer.

Can I customize the templates?

Yes absolutely! You can change colors, fonts & navigation elements and upload your logo and favicon. You have unlimited possibilities to customize the templates. New templates are constantly being added to our selection.

Is it easy to edit the my website?

Yes! If you can compose an email, you can edit your Vsble website. Vsble is one of the most simplest website builders around. You can upload images, change the appearance or embed videos with simple drag & drop controls. All from one dashboard without complicated menus.